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Are you ready to turn your pain into beautiful purpose and experience liberation from the prison of fear? As your Breakthrough Coach, I will engage The Spirit of The Breaker – Jesus Christ, to lift you out of bondage and bring you to a place of total victory!
Life happened, and you maybe wondering why you went through all the hurt and pain that has left you with some deep rooted wounds and scars; the pain was necessary because of the great purpose God has planned for your life. God uses the negative situations in our lives to develop and bring forth positive outcomes. These life experiences are designed to help chart and shape the course of your God ordained destiny. It’s time to leave bitterness behind and move forward to living a fulfilled life of freedom. Greatness comes with a price!

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P.O. Box 59076, 7205 Goreway Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4T 4J1 Canada

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